So I turned 22

This is probably a late post. Was supposed to post in on 11 February but for some reason I just forgot.

So ja, I turned 22. It’s a bit scary because I think I am growing old and then I looked at the things I wanted to have achieved at this age. Ou, well I gave up on them and decided to postpone them to 25. I realised, I shouldn’t pressure myself. I still have a lot of life ahead of me. I should just stop, chill, act my age and enjoy my youth.

Thanking God for all the blessings, and I believe I will continue counting them. The Lord is not done with me yet, I mean I am just 22. More blessings are yet to be poured upon my live. I will prosper. The Lord will shine through me and I will keep shinning for him. So whatever situation you face, whatever problem comes your, always tell yourselves that.

That is my gift to you for my birthday. Always remind yourself of how special you are to God.

Happy Late Birthday Lettie 🙂

Society will always talk

There are quite a lot of lessons I’ve learned throughout my young life. The most important of these many lessons is: People will always talk, they will always find fault in you even when all you do is  good. So I learned to stop caring about what society think and say about me. If a person can not appreciate me, then they definitely do not matter. I used to love confronting people for every piece of gossip and rumour I hear going on about me, I grew up and I learned, ignoring them is the best way, I am not obliged to explain or prove myself to society. So now, I forget, smile at everyone and continue being me.

My name is FAVOR

I can not say I have it all, I wont say my life is perfect but one thing is certain: I serve am awesome God. He always makes way for me. I sometimes ask myself why he bothers to do so much and bless me “a sinner” abundantly. I know I do not deserve his love and then I remember HE IS A FAITHFUL AND MERCIFUL GOD and most of all MY NAME IS FAVOR!!


The only barrier between you and where you want to be in life is your faith. Now one will ask, what is faith? Faith is believing and having hope in the unseen, You do not need to see to believe. You actually should believe before you see.